#748 right click menu option to generate and set new password for an entry


I would appreciate if there could be a right click menu option added that would do the following when an entry is selected:
1) Generate a new password (using the entries password policy)
2) Update the entry with the new password
3) Copy the new password to the clipboard

It would be helpful for me because I use this general workflow and it would cut multiple clicks/steps per password change.

a) open my password safe
b) Find the entry where I am going to change the password (like for an expiring password condition)
c) Double click to launch the URL/command line to get into the system.
(Which due to my settings also copies the current password to the clipboard.)
d) Login to the system of question (or have the auto type setting on the entry do that)
e) go to the "change password" page/function/command
f) Enter the current password from the clipboard
g) Switch back to Password safe.
h) right click on the entry and open it's "Edit/View Entry..."
i) click "Generate password" button
j) click ok ( To commit the new password to the file, and copy it to the clipbard: before I change it on the system)
k) switch back to the website/host
l) set the new password (normally in two places)
m) submit the change to the website/host

This suggestion would collapse steps h,i,j into one right click step.

If you wanted to add an additional configuration option to this feature to also minimize when a new password is generated for an entry then step k could also be collapsed too.

When I change 10-40 passwords on "a password change day" removing 3 or 4 steps from the 13 steps would be a big improvement/time savings. :)


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