#732 Browse to URL + Autotype needs configurable delay *after* calling URL


Using "Browse to URL + Autotype" never works for me because typing always starts before pages have loaded. Therefore, we need a config to adjust, potentially even per entry level (as for Autotype also for "Browse to URL + Autotype", so I could add a page specific delay).

Doing this by setting the per-entry autotype string, and/or the default one in Manage->Options->Misc does not solve the problem since that would happen before the typing, in particular if used in Autotype alone. The delay is only required if the Browse to URL function is used, resulting in loading time, not for an already loaded page.



  • LiverpoolFCfan

    LiverpoolFCfan - 2015-05-08

    You can achieve this by altering the "Default Autotype string" - "\u\t\p\n"

    If you want to add a delay after browsing to the page of 200 milliseconds - simply add a \w200 to the beginning of the default string - "\w200\u\t\p\n" (or \W1 to add a 1 second delay.)

    This will then become the default for every entry that does not specifically overwrite it.

    From the help file :-

    \wNNN or \WNNN introduces a delay of NNN milliseconds for 
    \w, or seconds if \W is used. For example, "how\w500now" will 
    cause 'how' to be typed (at the default rate or that specified 
    by the last \d), followed by a half-second pause, followed by 
    'now' typed at the same rate as 'how'). Likewise, "how\W2now" 
    will introduce a two second pause between the two words. 
    This is useful for fine-tuning the timing with certain web pages. 
    Note that NNN in the above is limited to three digits, so that, 
    for example, \w5000 will create a half-second delay and then 
    emit the letter '0', which is probably not what you intended 
    (\W5 would do the trick, though). 

    I have found a delay as small as 200ms works very well so far.

    Last edit: LiverpoolFCfan 2015-05-08
  • Boris 'pi' Piwinger

    But then every Autotype (Ctrl-t) will be delayed. It is required only in cases where a web page is loaded before.

  • LiverpoolFCfan

    LiverpoolFCfan - 2015-05-09

    Are you honestly saying that 1/5 of one second on every auto-type is going to bother you?

  • Boris 'pi' Piwinger

    This time is not sufficient to load a web page, so I need to set it to maybe two or three seconds (to be tested).

    No, I am concerned, that a feature does not work at all. And there is an easy solution which could be implemented.


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