#711 two page Autotype features_clear clipboard w/o minimizing; others


Password Safe doesn't deal w/ autotyping on two page logins as well as some, like Keepass.

Even if it never perfectly handles every two page login using autotype, etc., some changes could be made to cover the bulk.

Now, if create 2 entries for a two page login site - (1 for UN & 1 for PW, because can't PREDICT how long will take to load 2nd page) it minimizes after autotyping username (if set globally). That requires maximizing PWS again.

You CAN UNcheck "minimize after autotype," but that's global (most want it to minimize, MOST of time) & there's no "Clear Clipboard after autotype" - W/O having PWS minimize 1st.

Not minimizing after autotype but also not clearing clipboard is a potential security issue.

1) For rudimentary handling autotype on two page logins, should be option for individual entries, NOT to minimize after autotype (e.g., username) AND global (or individual) option to "Clear clipboard After Autotype," that doesn't require minimizing PWS.

2) Probably should add a "Delete" or "Clear" option (\d)for login pages that open w/ data in the UN or PW field. Faster & more precise than entering exact # of backspace commands (\b).


  • DrK

    DrK - 2013-08-15

    Personally, I never use AutoType - I use the DragBar. In this scenario - I drag the username from one entry to the first page and the password from another entry to the second page. With the DragBar, you just click on the entry and then drag the image to the appropriate field.
    As to clearing the clipboard - you can use the Edit -> Clear Clipboard menu item (default shortcut Ctrl+Delete.

  • Brittney Smith

    Brittney Smith - 2013-08-15

    Fine, but that leaves PW in clipboard longer than autotype (for a slow, older guy / gal). If 100% confident a system has no malware, nor ever will, then time a PW remains in clipboard doesn't matter. With right kind of malware, may not matter anyway, unless using obfuscation.

    When dragging the PWS "drag" icons, on some sites (w/ quite large / tall entry fields) like https://www.att.com/olam/loginAction.olamexecute?fromdlom=true, the tip of cursor arrow must be positioned w/in VERY SMALL tolerance - almost EXACT vertical center of field. Such a close tolerance, for good while, I thought it wouldn't work on that site.

    Which is faster, easier & safer - dragging UN & PW separately, then clear clipboard, then hit enter on login page, or clicking cursor in UN field & double clicking an entry (or using hot keys) - & you're done - w/ clipboard immediately cleared?

    Don't know if PWS blocks access to, or notification that clipboard is being used, when autotyping, to prevent malware from reading clipboard? If not, it should. That would be another reason to make some changes / adds, to make autotype work on a larger % of 2 page logins and / or clear clipboard immediately after dragging or pasting values into login pages.

    Last edit: Brittney Smith 2013-08-15

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