#699 Reduce Memory Use When Mimized to Tray or Locked


More apps are offering an option (in preferences) to reduce the amount of memory they use when minimized to tray. Password Safe uses the same amount of memory whether the main UI is open, or sitting locked in tray, AFAIK. There's no point in that - it's usually not monitoring or carrying out operations while it's minimized.

Prgms like Screenshot Captor http://www.donationcoder.com/forum/index.php?board=34.0
seem to reduce memory use while minimized to tray to almost nothing, while having very little effect on time to restore / maximize the main window, containing a large graphic.

If all prgms sitting idle in the tray would do this, there'd be a lot of extra free RAM - esp. for machines / laptops w/ lower total RAM.


  • John

    John - 2014-01-06

    This seems close enough to my issue that I'll simply comment here. PwS used to have an 'exit' option on the tray icon so that the application could be cleared from memory. Now there is only a "restore" option, and worse still, a second copy of the application can be opened if--as I do--you work from a Quicklaunch icon in Windows and don't notice that there is already a copy 'floating'. What I'd like is:

    • 'Exit on close' option for those of us who don't want PwS as a tray item
    • Or at least, provide an 'exit' option again on the system tray version
    • Failing that, if second copy is accidentally launched, open the existing copy rather than a second copy

    Great product though. I pass it along regularly.

  • John

    John - 2014-01-06

    Wouldn't you know it: I've just noticed that the 'exit' option has reappeared on the tray icon. So it is there...sporadically. It definitely disappears from the tray icon a good percentage of the time.

    I also meant to support Brittney Smith's suggestion above rather than hijack it.


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