#608 File Attachment to Password Entries.



First I would like to congratulate the developers for the great Tool Password Safe.

But I miss the function to attach any files to the Password Safe entries,


  • DrK

    DrK - 2011-03-06

    There is a version that supports this but it is only a PoC (Proof of Concept). This means that the current implementation may not be the final one and may not even get released as a formal product! I have been keeping it up to date with the main product and will shortly be updating to V3.25 (which is very imminent).

    Unless it gets past this PoC state, then it is unlikely to get released.

    When V3.25 is released, I could make one available but you must realise that it is not a supported main stream product and, whilst every endeavour is not to introduce bugs, it will not have been through any thorough testing. Should the current implementation end up being replaced by another, it is very unlikely that the supported version (if there is one) would be able to read this version. That being said, the main database is the standard database and the attachments are kept in an extension file (compressed and encrypted).


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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