#549 Wait for click to Auto Type


The problem I have with 70% of the sites I go to is that the cursor is not in the username box when auto type starts typing.
I got around this by using the following run command:

"${appdir}passsafe.exe" $url $u $p

passsafe.exe is a compiled autohotkey script with the follwing code:

Run, "iexplore.exe" %1%
KeyWait, LButton, D
KeyWait, LButton, U
Sleep, 100
SendInput, %2%{TAB}%3%{ENTER}

This works, but if I had something like a \clk option in autotype that waited for me to click once in the username box before going on, everyone could use it.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    waits for mouse click in username box before \u\t\p\n

  • DrK

    DrK - 2010-05-20

    If it is just a timing issue - why not use the implemented \Wnnn (wait for nnn seconds) until continuing with the rest of the Autotype processing e.g.


    Note: if upper case 'W', then nnn corresponds to seconds, if lower case 'w', then nnn corresponds to thousands of a second (like \d). There is a bug in V3.20 & V3.21 that requires you to have exactly 3 digits for nnn. This has been fixed in, the soon to be available, V3.22.


  • nhm1010

    nhm1010 - 2013-08-16

    It's not a timing issue. Some web sites just put the cursor someplace on the screen. A favorite place is up in the address bar but this is not consistent with all sites.


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