#35 Palm OS and a Virtual Keypad


1) To avoid key loggers, a virtual key pad is needed.

2) A
version for Palm would be nice.
I am currently using STRIP,
http://sourceforge.net/projects/strip/ on my Palm Tungsten T. It
now uses 256 bit AES (Rijndael) encryption, and SHA-256 for key
generation. I am not an expert to know the advantages and
disadvantages of programs, but I trust that the security offered by
Password Safe is similar if not better than in STRIP.
I wonder if
this page will be helpful, http://www.coopcomp.com/AESLib/ for
the development of Password Safe.

Will using Twofish
offer higher security for version 2.0 of Password safe on the PC or
the Palm?

I would like to see a Palm OS version with the
ability to HotSync before any version for Win CE just for the fun of

Thanks for a great product


  • JohnB in Atlanta

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    I don't believe Twofish will appreciably increase the security; keeping
    the code clean and careful has more of an impact.

    however, should perform faster on more platforms than

    However, I am NOT a cryptographer and not truly
    qualified to make these pronouncements! :-)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    256-bit Rijndael (1 of 2 AES standard algorithms) is much
    stronger than 128-bit AES anything. Twofish is an excelent
    algorithm that formed 1 of 6 AES finalists. Part of the reason
    it was not chosen (although NIST recommends it) is its
    efficiency on smart cards.


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