#243 Autotype: needs backtab escape sequence


The Autotype: option in the notes field needs a backtab
character (escape sequence).

Some sites remember your user ID but not your password
and leave you, by default, on the password field. It
would be nice to have a backtab (shift tab) option
similar to the \t tab option to be able to go back a field.

This is especially necessary when you have multiple
login names at a site (eBay and PayPal leap to mind)
and you need to be able to change user names, but are
pre-positioned on the password box.

I would suggest using \b for backtab only that usually
means backspace. Perhaps using cap-t for backtab (\t
means tab, \T means backtab)? Alternately you could
borrow from autohotkey and use +t to mean shift-tab
(in autohotkey: + means shift, ^ is control, ! is alt,
and # is the "windows" key).

While you are there, why not add the remaining standard
escape characters to the list?

\t          tab             (HT, TAB)
\n          newline         (NL)
\r          return          (CR)
\f          form feed       (FF)
\b          backspace       (BS)
\a          alarm (bell)    (BEL)
\e          escape          (ESC)
\033        octal char      (ESC)
\x1b        hex char        (ESC)
\x{263a}    wide hex char   (SMILEY)
\c[         control char    (ESC)
\N{name}    named Unicode character
\v           vertical tab        (VT - ASCII 11)

You could even add alteration escape characters like
these stolen from PERL:
\l lowercase next char
\u uppercase next char
\L lowercase till \E
\U uppercase till \E
\E end case modification


  • James



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