#193 Alternatives to the 'master password' concept


Please consider giving the user alternatives to the
master password (i.e. the password you need to open the
password db).

It's a known fact that people simply select too easy
passwords because they can't remember complex ones, or
write the password to a note attached to their monitor.
According to some studies, this is the number one
security problem in many sectors.

It would be so easy to avoid this problem by allowing
users to use something else for validation than a
master password.

My suggestions:
* Create e.g. a 5x5 image grid of small symbols or
simple images. User can then define the master password
by clicking the images. I'm a programmer myself and I
know you will need some string which you use to decrypt
the password file. Generating a password string from
this method is easy, just hash (sha1 or md5) the
pattern ("1. image clicked: 6, 2. image clicked: 4...")
and you'll have a rather good string password to use.

If you want to do this the advanced way, then you could
also measure the time. E.g. "1. image clicked: 3, user
waited for 3 seconds, 2. image clicked: 7, 3. image
clicked: 4". Hash that string and use it as the
password. Of course, the time measured must be rounded
to e.g. the nearest second or two.

  • Allow user to draw the password. This idea is easy to
    understand if you use the latest Firefox with the mouse
    gestures. The user could press down the mouse key and
    move the mouse to create simple images (mainly lines
    and simple shapes). Of course, user can't draw the same
    picture every time, this problem can be easily solved
    with some rounding functions just like the mouse gestures.

  • Allow user to use a file as a password. This is not
    the best solution but in my opinion anything is better
    than the master password concept. The idea is that you
    could select a file (e.g. from a DVD disk, CD or
    USB-drive), then the program would calculate its
    checksum (sha1 or md5) and use that as the password.

The first two methods are used e.g. in handheld devices
and my bet is that they are coming to smart phones in a
very near future.

Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss more:


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I think smart cards and their USB token siblings would also
    serve well as a master password replacement. If there is a
    practical OTP solution such as s/key that would be valuable
    as well. Mostly, my interest is not in a master password
    alternative, so much as it is to mitigate the risks of
    passwords (even very very good ones) getting intercepted or
    changed too infrequently.

    I read an article about someone using a bar code scanner as
    an alternative to typing and remembering passwords. I think
    that is an awesome idea except for the fact that it makes
    short numeral-only passwords that can might be easily
    guessed during a short dig through a persons trash.
    Nevertheless, we need more ideas like this one, and then we
    need support for them in products such as PasswordSafe.

    Benjamin Eason
    firstinitiallastname [a@t] sec [da-sh] res [d.ot] com

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    What about using digital certificates as an authenticator?

    I think that a digital certificate could be used as an encryption
    method as well. 128 bit key is better than a 40 bit password
    any day.

    Or should this be another RFE?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    While I'm not sure I agree with everything written above
    (master password concept is ok by me), I would be interested
    in a feature that allows certain groups or teams to access
    certain portions of a database file, but not others...

    I realize the quick answer will be to just use separate
    databases for separate teams, but the search function and
    the tree view are big benefits of having one larger file,
    and so I am asking for a feature like this : where certain
    portions of a password database file are accessible to
    certain groups and not others... Thanks.

    Jim Ault
    firstinitiallastname [a@t] despammed [d.ot] com

  • Philip Le Riche

    Philip Le Riche - 2006-02-25

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    Smartcard support would be good. There are standard libraries


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