#130 Ability to save to a shared file, versioning


We need the ability to share password databases, and
this could be achieved by having the ability to save the
file to a shared location (frontpage extensions site,
webdav directory, shared folder, etc), and Password
Safe checking the version of the file that is being
written compared to the existing file, or even checking if
the existing file has changed from the copy that is being

This could be further enhanced by the ability to read the
file (not save it) from an HTTP location, so anyone could
read it but not modify it.


  • juanignaciogelos

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    Also, a merging capability would be a nice solution, since most
    of the time the changes are just additions to the existing file,
    and there wouldn't be any conflicts.

    Also, PasswordSafe could always automatically merge the files
    by keeping a 'Last Change date' field for each password (not
    an automatic field, but a field that the user could complete to
    specify when was this password changed to the password
    stored in PasswordSafe, with default value 'now').

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    We're working on an IT support department and support a
    multitude in machines, applications and other systems. We
    would very much like to use this programm for our password
    tool, but we're stuck. Mainly because the programm can't
    handle multiple users accessing the same database and
    preventing them from updating the same database entries.

    An multi-user/autosyncing feature would be very nice... i.e.
    have the program check every 10 sec(?) if the timestamp has
    changed and if so, re-read the database? Possibly in
    combination with a write lock so only one person can access
    the database for writing at the same time?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    The current version (208) still does not has this feature, does


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