#127 Plain txt export should handle embedded quotes, etc., better


At the moment it just outputs the title, username and
passwords as they are, tab separated, and then outputs
the notes field surrounded by double-quotes.

If any of these fields contain things like (unpaired or
paired) quotes or tabs, it can make parsing the format
trickier or impossible. It would be nice if the export
generated unambiguous output, which would mean quoting
or escaping these characters appropriately.

There are CSV libraries out there. Could PasswordSafe
use one of those instead so that the output is either
valid CSV or tab-separated values data, so that fields
are only quoted if necessary, so that appropriate
characters are escaped, and quotes are doubled or
whatever, etc.? The same library could then be used to
import entries back in again. This facility could be
used for merging databases, would be useful for
exporting entries for editing in a spreadsheet prior to
reimporting, etc. (I appreciate that this would expose
the passwords to additional risk in the mean time and
if the disk wasn't cleansed afterwards, but many users
would be prepared to accept or deal with that risk in
return for easier database management.)


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