How to print the entire record?

BG Mahesh
  • BG Mahesh

    BG Mahesh - 2009-01-22

    I would like to have a hard copy of my entire password database. There isn't an easy way to print
    Exporting and print doesn't look that good (formatting issues)



    • cpsagman

      cpsagman - 2009-05-20

      This feature would be very desirable -- actually I just came to the forum to ask for this, so it's quite nice to see it as a topic of discussion. I too understand that printing your passwords to a printer could compromise them, so I'm guessing that's why this has not been implemented. There are varying degrees of risk: printing to a network printer v. a local (attached) printer v. printing to a PDF on a thumb drive that you can store in a secure place. I'm one of those managers that insists on hardcopy. Apart from DNA, chiseling in stone, or painting in caves in southern France, paper has proved itself to be the most durable form of information storage.

    • DrK

      DrK - 2009-05-22

      I do not believe that this will be implemented as it really goes against the idea of 'secure'.

      However - if you export to XML, then you can write a XSL Stylesheet (a small example is provided) that can format and display all or some of the fields 'nicely'.


      • howard hillman

        howard hillman - 2009-06-17

        FYI I elected to uninstall since I have a very secure environment and need the hardcopy. The program features are neat and it was with real regret I uninstalled.

    • IanT

      IanT - 2009-05-18

      I would like to see this feature too. It goes against security principles but some managers demand password lists to be printed and stored in a safe or somewhere, to provide ultimate redundancy. Using eg Excel to save is possible but can lead to mangled passwords.

  • DarkNeutron

    DarkNeutron - 2014-03-19

    How about a way to print an encrypted version of the database? I don't need a human-readable version, just a hard-copy backup.

    A Base64 encoded version of the encrypted database, perhaps, and a way to import it again.

  • Rony Shapiro

    Rony Shapiro - 2014-03-19

    Er, how would you import this encrypted hard-copy backup? OCR?

    • Johan Vromans

      Johan Vromans - 2014-03-19

      "Rony Shapiro" writes:

      Er, how would you import this encrypted hard-copy backup? OCR?

      Like in

      -- Johan

      • Rony Shapiro

        Rony Shapiro - 2014-03-19

        Er, the solution referred to in the link is for an unencrypted hardcopy ("All paper backups are unencrypted."). You can do that today, by exporting to text or XML and printing that.

      • SteveG23

        SteveG23 - 2014-03-19

        The reference to bitcointalk is not an answer. What you are asking for goes against the whole idea of Password Safe, and I wouldn't do it, but if you really see a need for a paper copy, I would suggest the following. Be very certain you have full control of the files gerenated, i.e., they are not stored or backed up on a remote server.

        1. File -> Export -> Plain text (tab separated).
        2. Import that file into Excel, making sure only tabs are used as separators and checking field types by column, so the columns are not messed up.
        3. Check formats of the resulting fields to make sure they are right (e.g. dates as dates, passwords as "general" text, etc.) and all entries of one kind line up in one column.
        4. Copy the column containing all the passwords to a plain text file.
        5. Use the encryption algorithm of your choice to passsword-encrypt that text file.
        6. Paste the resulting column of text back into Excel.
        7. Delete any extraneous columns that you do not need to print.
        8. Format and print it. Use small fonts and wide paper as needed. Keep it as readable as possible so that OCR has a chance of giving you a text file that can be imported into Password Safe after reversing the above steps.
        9. Securely delete all the intermediate files.

        You could also use built-in or aftermarket utilities to encrypt the password column within Excel, but then you would have to save the actual Excel file and decrypt it the same way; I don't think reading it back in from the printed copy (by typing or OCR) would work.

        Last edit: SteveG23 2014-03-19
    • RJD

      RJD - 2014-03-21

      In this day and age of cheap thumb drives, it is not obvious why hardcopy would be so desirable. But, why not? At home I am especially turned off by this limitation. The program can (and does) pop an alert when the passwords export in plain text.

      What people do under their physical security should not be restricted by the prejudices of software design. The military likes to lock entire drives in safes, which always stuck me as a risk in itself, but there you go, different mitigation for different folks. That is also a "security principle." This whole "forbidden to print" is pseudo-security since the program offers plain text export. Game over, end of story. The rest is pretense.

  • Andrey Kuznetsov

    In *nix OS, the simplest way for it is to use tools such as hexdump or xxd for HEX dump), base64 or uuencode/uudecode for BASE64 dump. hexdump haven't option for reverse operation, but xxd and others have. Simply converting and printing as hex will be enough for small files (such as binary software license keys), but for bigger files, such as pwsafe database, I think one should also use some additional protection from OCR or typing errors (for example, Hamming or Reed–Solomon error correction codes).

    Also I like an idea of combining hex dump with QRcodes (as it mentioned in the link above) as it may simplify restoring the dump and use ECC (but number of QRs per dump may be large).

    Anyway, these functions should be implemented in another program, not in pwsafe.

    Last edit: Andrey Kuznetsov 2014-03-20
  • August

    August - 2014-11-09

    After using pwSafe for nearly 10 year I was always disappointed that I was not able to print the entire record.
    Lately I installed the pwSafe app on my iPad Air 2, i OS 8.1 and linked it via Dropbox to my PC.
    When I open the database on the iPad I go to the upload icon and select "Print" from the Print, Email Safe, Email PDF, Open PDF in...list and print out the complete database sorted by groups. I am using a Brother WiFi connected printer and printing is a breeze.


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