Password Safe on 3 computers

  • Thewolfe

    Thewolfe - 2013-09-29

    I have three computers I would like to all use the same database. They are networked so I could copy and paste, use "manage" if I knew how. Have it working on one main computer, how do I set up the other two and since I use a main computer most of the time, how do I update my other computers to sync with my Password Safe on main computer?

    • Julie Rossberg

      Julie Rossberg - 2013-09-30

      Sugarsync was suggested. For awhile, I used these in tandem (sugarsync and
      passwordsafe). They worked beautifully and I was able to sync all my
      password safes on 3 computers. The most challenging part was the thumb
      drive, as sugarsync doesn't network to that; this meant that I had to
      update that file manually (copy & paste) so I would have a current version
      of pwdsafe to use on public computers. I have fallen out of using this
      system, somehow, and can't remember how to do it anymore. It can be done,
      though, with some research. Someone out there is bright enough to figure
      it out if they think it might be useful.


      Julie Rossberg
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      On Sun, Sep 29, 2013 at 4:03 PM, Thewolfe wrote:

      I have three computers I would like to all use the same database. They are
      networked so I could copy and paste, use "manage" if I knew how. Have it
      working on one main computer, how do I set up the other two and since I use
      a main computer most of the time, how do I update my other computers to
      sync with my Password Safe on main computer?

      Password Safe on 3 computers

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  • Bill Osler

    Bill Osler - 2013-09-29

    I haven't found an automatic way to do this but it is not exactly hard to do manually. If anybody has better ideas I'd love to hear them. I'm using Windows 7 but the basic process also worked under XP.
    Keeping the database on multiple PCs does require planning and it is sometimes tedious but it is not really hard.
    I have designated the database on my desktop PC as the definitive copy, and when I use Password Safe on the network I always use that version from whichever PC I am at. I have Password Safe set up to open as Read Only on all the PCs I use, so I have to consciously act to change the database.
    On my laptop I use the local copy only when I am away from home and I do not make changes to it. I create a separate database for changes that I have to make and I copy them back to the reference machine as needed.
    I regularly copy the current reference version to each of the target PCs and to my wife's Mac. She runs a Java-based version on OS X that I can use to access data as needed if I'm using her Mac. The copying is easy enough because the data directory of the reference machine has shortcuts to each target directory so all I have to do is right-button-drag the database and drop it on the shortcut link to send a copy to the target. I would rather use a batch file but I never did figure out how to parse shortcut links in a batch file and in any event dealing with the return codes, recognizing which machines were offline & so on proved too complex. Manual copying is easier.
    For my work PC I have to put the reference version on a USB drive or else encrypt the database with Password Safe command line encryption so I can email it. I use a fairly strong key for my database but I decided not to risk email without a seriously strong key. I follow the same rules at work. I do not change the database copy at work. If anything needs to be changed I send the information securely to the home system and then copy it back.
    Would this work if multiple people needed to access and update the database? Probably not, but that's not my situation. I'm the only regular user so I can control the process.

    • ouzo12

      ouzo12 - 2013-09-30

      I use similar strategies on multiple computers too, designating one as the 'master' and opening the others read-only.

      The problem with these methods is that you end up with many safes scattered around multiple computers, backup drives, USB drive keys etc. and multiple automatic and incremental backups of them.

      Then if someone was to guess your master passphrase (or successfully accurately watch you typing it) you'd have a hard time tracking down all the copies and changing the master passphrase.

      And if you were to periodically change the master passphrase then you'd need another higher-level safe to store your master passphrases...

  • Jerry McLellan

    Jerry McLellan - 2013-10-23

    I use SugarSync, and only rarely have a problem with forgetting to close Password Safe and end up having extra copies - but easily identified. I store the safe in "Magic Briefcase" so that it is always the same name from any computer. I use a high-encryption password that only me and my wife (and have to remind her sometimes) can remember. This works great on all Windows Computers, but when I went to an iPad and iPhone, I needed a further solution. I started with using the PWSafe app (free in the app store), which reads and writes the Password Safe files perfectly. The app didn't have direct access to SugarSync, but did to DropBox - so my initial solution was to have dropbox point to the same file withing SugarSync - which worked fine for a long time. Then after a SugarSync update, I started getting duplicate files, and files would not update. They said it was DropBox, and it was not supported within SugarSync. I have also tried iCloud, but that does not sync with Windows. So, I have been manually copying my safe to a DropBox folder periodically (much the same as copying to a USB drive). Still looking for a better syncing solution, but a paid SugarSync account for all cloud storage and backup, combine with a free DropBox account solely for Password Safe has been the best solution so far. If anyone has a single solution I would love to hear about it.

  • Jerry McLellan

    Jerry McLellan - 2013-12-30

    I have very successfully been able to use the Combination of SugarSync and Dropbox, and the PWSafe iOS app to be able to access my Password Safe database from all of my devices. I just got a Surface Pro 2 as an unbelievable present from my wife, and absolutely LOVE IT!

    iPad is gone, and I will seriously look to replace my iPhone with a Windows phone when it is time.

    In the meantime, I was considering a Surface 2 for my wife, to replace her iPad. She is not a "Power User" like me, and would not really need the Pro, but the Surface RT/2 does not allow for installation of legacy Windows Programs, instead you can only install "Apps" through the Windows Store. I consider both SugarSync and Password Safe to be required on any device I would use, and want to know if anyone has either attempted to work with the Surface RT or if there is a Password Safe Windows App out there? I found something called "Metro Password Safe", but no mention of compatibility with Password Safe.


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