Need way to toggle checkbox in Auto Type

John Navas
  • John Navas

    John Navas - 2009-10-03

    There appears to be no way to toggle a checkbox with Auto Type (as of 3.19),
    which is normally done with a mouse click or by pressing the spacebar. Sending
    a space character to a checkbox control doesn't work, and I've found no work-
    around. This is essential for certain login screens.

    Entered as

    "Feature Request

  • fernando

    fernando - 2009-10-06

    Your demo... selecting the "C service":


    username tab {n|a|b|c} tab password tab enter tab enter

  • John Navas

    John Navas - 2009-10-06

    Thanks, but the issue is the check-box for "I agree to the terms of
    service", not the drop-down control.

  • fernando

    fernando - 2009-10-06

    The previous and below examples function correctly in Opera9; however not in



    username tab {n|a|b|c} tab password {Notes Line 5} enter

    Notes Line 5:

    \t \t

    tab {space} tab

  • John Navas

    John Navas - 2009-10-06

    Thanks, but does not work in Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702 or Firefox 3.5.3

  • mdeck

    mdeck - 2014-02-08

    I know this is a hideously old thread, but I needed the answer and didn't find it documented, so I thought I'd capture what worked for me: I'm using V3.29, and what worked for me to be able to change checkbox select/unselect with space using autotype was to specify "\z" in the autotype string. I put it at the beginning, not sure if it matters where it comes in the string. Worked for me with several sites on IE and FireFox.

    From the help file:
    "\z invokes the old AutoType mechanism. This mechanism may handle non-Latin characters incorrectly, but can make AutoType work on certain problematical web sites. If you find that AutoType does not work properly on a particular web site, try this code in the AutoType command field."


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