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  • MuteSwan

    MuteSwan - 2005-01-24

    Since installing v2.07 and v2.08 I have been getting
    random crashes. After a lot of testing (on two different
    PCs) I have finally traced the source of the problem but
    not the cause.

    v2.07 introduced a new Option on the Miscellaneous tab
    which allows the user to select what happens when an
    entry is double-clicked, 'Copy password to clipboard'
    or 'View/Edit entry'. I have mine set to View/Edit entry.
    When bringing up the Edit/View Entry dialog using this
    method then clicking on Ok, I am suffering random
    crashes followed by the 'Password Safe has
    encountered a problem...' dialog and a memory dump.
    When it happens it is usually on the same records.
    However, entering the same data into a new
    record/database does not recreate the problem so I
    don't think it is data specific.

    Now the interesting bit! If I bring up the Edit/View Entry
    dialog using an alternative method (e.g. via the Edit
    menu, the right-click context menu or Ctrl+Enter) and
    press Ok, I don't get the crash.

    - Enter the Edit/View Entry dialog using the double-click
    method - crash when Ok is clicked (though not on all
    records). Edited data is saved (verified when the
    database is re-opened).
    - Entering the Edit/View Entry dialog using any other
    method - no crash when Ok is clicked.

    Oh, a further small problem. I can launch Help from the
    opening 'combination' dialog (by clicking the Help button
    or pressing F1). However, once past this and into the
    application I cannot launch Help using any method (Help
    button, menu or F1).

    Need any more info?


    • RandyHa11

      RandyHa11 - 2005-01-25

      My 2.08 has crashed 2 or 3 times, and also
      right after an edit. My data was saved too.
      (I have the option set to save after edit).
      The crash is not consistent though.
      I cannot reproduce it even if I try.

      Can you reproduce the problem on the same
      record after a crash? Do you have to edit the
      record before clicking OK to make it crash?
      Maybe it only happens when the record grows
      beyond some threshold? I don't know, just
      trying to find a pattern ...

      Oh, Help/F1 are working fine for me.
      2.08 even fixed the welcome page.

      • MuteSwan

        MuteSwan - 2005-01-26

        It is not necessary to actually edit the record to cause the crash. On records which 'have the problem' just opening the record with 'click' and then clicking Ok causes the crash.

        I too have been trying to find a pattern but it is not consistent. When I come across a record which causes a crash, I find that it will crash on that record 9 times out of 20. I have deleted all other records from the database and then tried the 'edit' again and it does not crash. Perhaps a limit is being reached, not on the record itself, but elsewhere?

        • MuteSwan

          MuteSwan - 2005-01-26

          Whoops!...I meant 9 times out of 10, not 20.

    • MuteSwan

      MuteSwan - 2005-01-27


      Are you able to recreate this or do you need more info?


      • Rony Shapiro

        Rony Shapiro - 2005-01-28


        I'm sure that I'll be able to reproduce this based on your explanation as soon as I find time to get started on 2.09, hopefully in a week or so.... If not, I'll give you a shout.



        • MuteSwan

          MuteSwan - 2005-01-29

          Thanks Rony.

    • Rony Shapiro

      Rony Shapiro - 2005-01-29

      I've fixed this bug, and attached a patched version to the bug report.

      Thanks again for the detailed description, which made tracking this one down very straightforward. (the fix was obvious once I saw where the crash occured)

      • MuteSwan

        MuteSwan - 2005-01-29

        Thanks for the quick response Rony. Glad I could be of some help.


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