cannot uninstall

  • ultimategirl63

    ultimategirl63 - 2006-03-24

    Hi there how do I uninstall this program I cannot find it in add/remove program list does it not have an uninstaller included?

    • sharmc

      sharmc - 2006-04-11


      I'm also having difficulty uninstalling Password Safe. I followed Lars instruction to the T but the files and the program is still on my computer. Any suggestions? I already tried a systems restart but that failed as well.


      • Rony Shapiro

        Rony Shapiro - 2006-04-11


        PasswordSafe is really a simple program with no complicated dependencies. If the Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs list doesn't show PasswordSafe as a program that you can uninstall, just delete the executable (pwsafe.exe), helpfile (pwsafe.chm) and whatever databases you've created.

    • go_skating

      go_skating - 2006-03-24

      Hi ultimategirl63, (only for MS-WIN!)

      the finest programs can be just deleted, because evereything they need is only in their directory.

      In the case of password safe you just do that but you also might want to delete the used registry-keys:
      (don't type those '"')
      go to "start" "run" and enter "regedit"
      press "CRTL"-"F" and type into the search window "Counterpane" select only to search for keys
      and it will find
      HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Counterpane Systems
      under this key you will find "Password Safe"
      delete this also and you are done

      Have a lot of fun

      Hi guys - if I forgot something - pls correct me

    • lars

      lars - 2006-03-30

      This "Counterpane" entry to the registry keeps me from using PasswordSafe on a portable stick.
      It always leaves traces on other computers.
      I have a total of 44 entries :-(
      Using an INI-File within the PasswordSafe-directory would be the safer solution (?)


      • go_skating

        go_skating - 2006-03-31

        I totaly agree!
        Using an ini-file would also help keeping the window position always with me and not with the computer I'm using right now. Especially when I'm looking into my mail on my friends pc.

        thaks for helping

        • Rony Shapiro

          Rony Shapiro - 2006-03-31


          Sorry this isn't documented well enough (yet), but the registry entries are totally optional. PasswordSafe keeps ALL important configuration information as part of the database. In general, keeping the window size/position in the database is NOT a good idea, since you may want to access the database from machines with diffent screen sizes and resolutions, so it makes sense to keep this on a per-machine basis, i.e., the registry.

          Bottom line: There is no problem using PasswordSafe from a disk-on-key.



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