Windows Mobile 5

  • TimScot

    TimScot - 2006-07-29

    I installed the 1.92c version on my Dell Axim running Windows Mobile 5 and it ran OK using the old database format. Or at least, it opened the database but displayed the passwords in the Notes column and misex up the rows of data. There were also lots of odd characters. Is this something I can rectify or is 1.92 not suitable for WM5?

    I've installed v3 on the PC but I shan't be able to use its database on the PDA because the format is different. Is that right?

    Many thanks for your help

    • Yannick Betemps

      Yannick Betemps - 2006-08-07

      I'm still on 2.X on PC but after installing 1.9 on windows mobile 5 I had to export my password database to 1.x format to have it work on my PDA.

      By the way are there still people working on version 2.x for PocketPC ?

      • TimScot

        TimScot - 2006-08-08

        That's fixed it, many thanks.


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