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  • dancingbear

    dancingbear - 2004-09-21

    Been trying to consolidate (without fat fingering) two separate PW Safe files. Thought I could export from one and inport to another.. doesn't appear to work. Should it?


    • Rony Shapiro

      Rony Shapiro - 2004-09-21

      Yes, it should. There appears to be a problem with the import function - a bug report has been opened, and I'll look into it soon. Hopefully, it will be fixed in 2.06.


    • Victor Myne

      Victor Myne - 2004-09-21

      Once the export to text and import from text features are working, you will be able to do what you describe. Those features are broken in v2.05.

      Export to plain text: I have created bug report #1028394 for this. See:
      Rony has submitted a fix in the code which will appear in v2.06. He has also attached a pre-2.06 patched version to the bug report if you don't want to wait. (But note that it's not an official release).

      Import to plain text: I have opened a new bug report (#1030060) for this, which can be viewed at:
      This one hasn't been fixed yet (but it's only just been opened).
      The bug seems related to multi-line notes fields. If you don't have those, you should have no problems importing. And even if you do, you could go into the text file and fix the notes to be single line, and then import will work. Which is less fat-fingered and error-prone than completely typing them in.

      Email me if you need help with that.

      Also note: Imported items go into a special top level group called Imported. Any group information from the imported file is preserved as sub-groups of the Imported group. You can always drag-and-drop these back out to the top level if you desire. But if you do use groups much, this is one additional step you'll need to take.

      • Vic

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