Trouble dragging 'User Name' and 'Password' to other applications

  • phoomanchew

    phoomanchew - 2013-09-04


    For some unknown reason, I cannot drag a 'User Name' and/or 'Password' from Password Safe to any application or web page. When I attempt to drag, using the associated icons, I get the 'not allowed' icon (the circle with a line through it).

    Any ideas?


    • fernando

      fernando - 2013-09-05

      do you use the "Dragbar"
      or attempt to drag from some "*Toolbar"
      or... drag from ???

  • SteveG23

    SteveG23 - 2013-09-05

    The question is, why would you expect to? That's a feature that programmers have to specifically add to their programs, and involves identifying specific elements as objects that Windows Explorer will recognize as things that can be copied or moved that way. You can't drag and drop any item in any random program just because it's operating under Windows.

    I'm no programmer, but I would not particularly recommend adding this feature if those competent to do so wanted to. There is always a risk of dragging an object to the wrong location and not knowing where it wound up, especially if a Windows dialog box appears or disappears at the wrong moment. That's an acceptable risk in some contexts, but not this one. Actually clicking in the field where you want it pasted is safer.

  • phoomanchew

    phoomanchew - 2013-09-05

    "Why would I expect to?" Well that is the purpose of the drag bar, no?

    If I hoover the mouse over the "User Name" icon in the drag bar, it tells me, "Drag this image onto a another window to paste the 'User Name' field.

    If for example, I drag the icon onto an open Window's Notepad window, I would expect the user name to be pasted into the window. However, instead of pasting the user name, I get the 'not allowed' cursor. I believe this to be incorrect because Notepad does except drag and drop. I may have Password Safe configured incorrectly; however, I am not sure exactly what.

    I am a software engineer, and I am not asking for the addition of a new feature, just a clarification on how the drag bar works.


    • SteveG23

      SteveG23 - 2013-09-06

      My apologies. Somehow I misunderstood the context.

      • phoomanchew

        phoomanchew - 2013-09-10

        No problem. It is all working now.

  • Rony Shapiro

    Rony Shapiro - 2013-09-05

    Drag&drop requires that both the source and destination cooperate. If the destination doesn't accept the type being dragged, then you can't "drop" on it, and you see the "not allowed" cursor.

    PasswordSafe uses the standard "text" type that should be accepted in most web pages and applications, Specifically, the comment field into which I'm now typing, Notepad, Notepad++ and Word.

    What version of Windows are you using? Can you drag&drop texts between other applications?

    • phoomanchew

      phoomanchew - 2013-09-05


      I am using Windows 7 with the latest service pack and patches.

      Very interesting. I installed Notepad++. If I use Notepad++, everything works well. I am now able to drag and drop the user name, password, and note icons to it and the information is transferred correct. However, Notepad and my normal editor Vim, do not work.

      Now that I was able to get Notepad++ to work, it looks like the problem all along was Notepad and Vim. It looks like these two applications are now handling drag and drop the same way that Notepad++ does.



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