news passwords in v3's .psafe3 file not there

  • Reed Darsey

    Reed Darsey - 2006-06-25

    I've been using the new v3 for a week, not realizing the significance of the file version warning about my 'home.dat' being in pre-v3 format, and being left unchanged, so the new changes being written to 'home.psafe3'.

    Now that I discovered the Merge Database command, I wanted to merge them into one file, for the sake of copying to a USB drive, but found the 'home.psafe3' file to have nothing in it, while the 'home.dat' just has the old data.

    So it seems like my news passwords created during ht elast week are gone. Is there any way to see what is in 'home.psafe3'?

    I am using the v3.0.1, up from v2.16 directly, with no betas involved.

    • Reed Darsey

      Reed Darsey - 2006-08-08

      I see that this situation was answered later at:

    • Reed Darsey

      Reed Darsey - 2006-06-26

      Experiment #1:

      I File-Saved the v2 'home.dat' as v3 'home-old.psafe' then File-Merge Databased the 'home.psafe3' new entries file that has the one new password.

      After a while with the hourglass I got a "Merge complete" message reporting "1 entry added (0 conflicts)".

      But the new item was not there. A blank first record was, though. (I use the flattened List Mode and Classic Toolbar settings.)

      At this point, I'm not going to try any of the other experiments, hoping that with the database in v3 format, if I key back in by hand the missing item, it may work properly.

      Somehow, this problem should be identified and fixed, or at least users given a strong heads up warning about the possibility of password loss.

    • Reed Darsey

      Reed Darsey - 2006-06-26

      But, this newly merged v3 file also did not display entries, seeming to only have blank records in their place.

      This was all on my NT4 machine.

      Trying the same on my XP machine went OK.

      So this problem only affects NT4.

    • Reed Darsey

      Reed Darsey - 2006-06-27

      Does someone really have all the boxes listed "95/98/NT/2000/XP" to test the program on?

      If you tell me that there is an NT4 system to test with, and that the program works OK on it, I'll attempt to submit some sort of a bug report.

    • davidsrsb

      davidsrsb - 2006-06-27

      The same thing seems to have happened to me on a Windows ME machine


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