Brittney Smith - 2013-06-10

Don't know if this is just an oddity or should be considered for new feature / bug. I read dozens of bugs on groups - didn't find this exact issue. Wanted to ask, before creating duplicate.

In trying to add a completely new, stand alone group (not a sub group), only way I see is to close ALL group trees, R click in blank area of UI (or use menu options), then & only then will it allow creating new, main group.

Unfortunately, don't see this tidbit in the help file. While it may work, once one figures it out, very few apps that allow creating groups (folders) behave this way.

Don't have to close all explorer folders on a partition to create a new main folder.
Don't have to close all bookmark folders in Fx to create new main folder, etc.

Has this been requested to fix or at least amend Help file w/ details how to do it?