Password expiry for Password Safe combination

  • Chris Flinders

    Chris Flinders - 2008-04-15

    I am using 3.04 and need to know if it is possible to set an expiration period of 3 months for the
    safe combination. Is it possible to find out when the combination was last reset?

    Might be a case of RTFM as I haven't browsed through all the documentation but there doesn't appear to be any
    options within Password Safe.


  • Silver Fox

    Silver Fox - 2011-03-13

    I am using 3.24.01 and there does not appear to be any way of setting an
    expiration period for the master password itself.

    Ideally, I would like to see an option whereby you could set the database to
    self-destruct after a number of incorrect open attempts. This would act as an
    additional layer of security in the event that a hacker manages to steal the
    whole database.

  • Dave Griffin

    Dave Griffin - 2013-11-07

    Any 'self destruct' would have to be coded, and as this is open source, any hacker would just use their own code and disable any self destruct code.

    A master password expiry could only be a 'suggestion' without any enforcement (locking it out prevents any access!), though I can see some value in an (optional) prompt that it's been a while since it was changed...


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