Settings under options keep resetting

  • Dan

    Dan - 2011-09-29

    I have been using Password safe for >5 yrs now and never had to post to this

    This is the best password tool I have ever found.

    However... I have had several times now had password safe reset the options to

    things like auto type go back to defaults.

    anybody have any clue? I am using the registry for storing the options...

    thanks in advance



  • DrK

    DrK - 2011-09-29

    You are only the 2nd user of all our users to report this problem. See Bug
    Report: 3377061.

    As of now, we have been unable to determine the cause. I have uploaded a
    version that may give some diagnostic information should the problem be
    detected by producing a minidump. These diagnostic versions are a bit "hit an
    miss". A previous version did produce a minidump but it was unable to provide
    the necessary information to help. There have been too more iterations of this
    diagnostic versions since then but there is no guarantee that it can provide
    enough information to track down this issue.

    As far as I know, the latest diagnostic version has not yet detected the
    problem for that user to produce a dump. If you wish to try it, send me an
    email and I will let you know the download details. However, this user's issue
    happens even though the database is opened read-only and this is checked by
    the diagnostic version. If your database is read/write when this occurs, it
    will not produce a minidump.


  • daniel Peterson

    daniel Peterson - 2011-10-12

    Thanks for the info

    Well I run in read/write mode all the time so I don't think that the debug
    code will help much.

    I will say that I have password safe installed on several other systems and at
    least one of them is doing the same thing.

    As I write I am having to fix the default "close after 5 min idle" resting it
    back to what I like of 10 min.

    I can say that it seems to happen more around the time I do monthly patches of
    the system but that it a gut feeling, I have no proof.

    What registry settings does password safe use?



  • DrK

    DrK - 2011-10-12

    The other user who has reported this issue has had the problem twice with the
    new version that produces a minidump. Unfortunately, his occurrences are
    always when he awakes his PC after it has gone to sleep or after he has locked
    his screen and this means that there is no information as to how it happened
    in the minidumps.

    I am working on fitting a future (probably 3.28) feature to keep a circular
    log of internal calls (no personal information included) into the minidump to
    get around this. It is not yet ready but would still only produce a dump if in
    R-O mode.

    I suggest keeping an eye on his Bug Report for further updates.


  • Rony Shapiro

    Rony Shapiro - 2011-10-13

    As to Dan's question re registry settings:

    Aside from keys used to uninstall the program via the control panel (*),
    PasswordSafe does not use the registry for remembering preferences. The
    preferences are stored in an external file and in the database itself. Please
    see the online help for more details.


    (*) Even this won't be done if the user chooses a "green" installation.


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