Import creates new Group

  • Doug Carter

    Doug Carter - 2004-10-25

    When I import from a text file, it creates a new group called "Imported". Is there someway to turn this off?



    • Rony Shapiro

      Rony Shapiro - 2004-11-20

      This will be configurable in 2.07

    • RandyHa11

      RandyHa11 - 2004-12-02

      I cannot get this to work in 2.07.

      In response to "Import under group?"
      it doesn't matter if I select "No" or "Yes",
      nor does it matter what group name I choose.
      In all cases, my records are imported under a group
      with no name (the name == "") at the top level.

      Is this working properly for anyone else?

      • Rony Shapiro

        Rony Shapiro - 2005-01-15


        Could you send me a sample import file that illustrates the problem?


    • RandyHa11

      RandyHa11 - 2005-01-12

      I still cannot make this work in 2.07 with Windows 2000 Pro.

      If I import a tab separated file, all the records are
      imported correctly into a new group with no name.

      The records are there, but I have to edit every entry
      since they are not in the groups I want (they are
      down one level below the top).

      Anyone else seeing this? Any suggestions?

    • bergonz

      bergonz - 2005-01-25

      A simple test import file that demostrates this behaviour is:
      (don't know how to attach a file in this forum, so I put it here, tab-separated, two lines only)

      testentry1 testuser1 testpass1 comment1
      testgroup.testentry2 testuser2 testpass2 comment2

      I tried in different ways with 2.08, but I see no way to have anything under a group that is not a subgroup of the empty-named group "".

      Hope this helps. Regards,

    • RandyHa11

      RandyHa11 - 2005-01-25

      Yes, that is my experience also.
      I sent a file similar to that to Rony last week.
      I am happy it's not just happening to me at least. :-)


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