Can't get hotkey to work

  • Bernie Cosell

    Bernie Cosell - 2010-12-24

    I'm new to pwsafe so this is probably a stupid question, but: I can't get the
    hotkey to work. I have it set to ctrl-alt-p and nothing happens when I type
    that sequence. Do you need to do something beyond just checking the box and
    setting a value in the "hotkey" entry on the misc tab? This with 3.23 on
    win7/pro/64. Thanks! /bernie\

  • fernando

    fernando - 2010-12-24

    Try toggle the setting (off/on/off or on/off/on) at:

    Manage > Options > System

    Hide System Tray icon (Hot Key MUST be active)

    See if that rectifies the unresponsive Hot Key.

  • DrK

    DrK - 2010-12-24

    Works for me (3.24.1). I set the check box and 'Ctrl+Alt+P' - nothing else

    I am not sure what you want form the Hot Key. It only restores PasswordSafe
    after it has been minimized - either the window if the database is not locked
    or a dialog for you to enter the passphrase if it was locked.

    You do not need to set "Manage > Options > System" option " Hide System Tray
    icon" for the Hot Key to work. It is the other way around - " Hide System Tray
    icon" needs a Hot Key to be defined and set (i.e. the checkbox set) to work.


  • fernando

    fernando - 2010-12-24


    Options > Misc. > Hot Key

    was set to "Shift + Alt + P"

    (or is that a default, I do not recall).

    In either case the Hot Key combination was unresponsive

    (ESC minimized to tray, HotKey did not restore)

    until I toggled the afore mentioned option.

  • Richard Grant

    Richard Grant - 2012-08-22

    Sorry about resurrecting this thread, but I ran into a hotkey problem on
    Windows 7 x64. Checking the hotkey checkbox would not result in expected
    behavior of application restore on using the hotkey combination.

    What worked was to exit Password Safe, right click Password Safe shortcut and
    select "Run as Administrator", recheck the hotkey checkbox, exit Password
    Safe, and start Password Safe normally.

    This resulted in the expected behavior of the hotkey combination restoring
    Password Safe.

  • MetaEd

    MetaEd - 2012-09-29

    @Richard Grant,

    My experience was a little different. I have a Windows 7 x64 login without Administrator privileges (a standard user account). In this environment, I found it necessary to modify the Password Safe shortcut to always run Password Safe as Administrator to make the Hot Key feature. The Hot Key feature worked only when (a) turned on, and (b) run as Administrator.

    Obviously this is not a solution I actually use or recommend. Password Safe should not be run with elevated privileges.


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