WARNING: 2.0 > 2.15 trashing pwfile!!!

Jones Down
  • Jones Down

    Jones Down - 2006-01-23

    Hi, I used 2.0 until today, because I feared the upgrade... as it seems, I was correct fearing....

    when i load the pwfile that was saved by the 2.0 Version with the actual 2.15 I get, clearly spoken, trash! All the passwords are LOST!!!

    I see lots of empty etries, then after this there is an entry that says:

    "!!!Version 2.0 Format!!! Please upgrade to PasswordSafe 2.0 or later"

    well, strange enough... this file WAS saved by an 2.0 version...

    After a small heart-attack the only workaround I found (thanks god the old pwsafe.exe still is there!) was exporting from that 2.0 exe to "old format" and then opening that file with 2.15. This seems to import the entries correctly, BUT there is a major uglyness with this: ALL the groups are LOST and the passwords appear in a list like:


    so you have to touch every single entry manually to create new groups and optionally correct the title. Horrible! Isn´t there a better way doing this conversion? WHO WROTE THAT? Man, in programmers hell you will be importing 1.0 pwsafe-files to 2.15 versions until the end of the univers!

    Dear Programmers, I really apreciate a great tool like pwsafe and use it a lot, but could you please TEST more intensively before bringing people to the clinic! As I know VS2005 has now unit testing on board, don´t know, if it helps, but please try it. pwsafe is a "central-point-of-killing-the-admin" - of course I make backups, but it is not funny seeing an important application beeing messed around with that way. Please MORE attention. THANKS!

    Please do not take it personally, I did not want to hurt anybody!

    Love and Peace,

    • Rony Shapiro

      Rony Shapiro - 2006-01-23

      Hi Jones,

      Thanks for being so polite on what was certainly a frustrating experience.

      Actually, this was reported as a formal bug and fixed a few days ago. It will be part of 2.16, which will probably be released over the weekend.

      In the meanwhile, you can download it from here:
      (It's attached to the bug report - scroll down to the bottom.)

      Sorry about the pain... I use each new version of PasswordSafe myself for a while before releasing it publically, but exactly for this reason problems that arise from "leaping" across versions will be missed.
      I take comfort in the fact that commercial software with formal QA departments have been known to release software with much more serious bugs...



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