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  • Brittney Smith

    Brittney Smith - 2013-08-13

    I searched the forum w/ numerous phrases & found no posts w/ definitive answers if PWS can be made to handle autotype on two page logins.

    Using the u\n part works fine on 1st page, but adding u\n\W2p\n - or other variations I tried (u\n\W2\p\n), don't type the PW in 2nd page & enter. It GETS to the 2nd page - using 1st example - never types PW.

    Did I just miss the proper sequence or will PWS not reliably handle 2 page logins?

    How about a some key combo, when clicking on an entry, to type only user name or only PW? Might have to wait for next page, before hitting next "type PW" keys + clicking entry; or manually put cursor in 2nd page PW field, then use "type PW" sequence.

    One could create 2 entries for the site - one for only UN & another for PW, but that will eventually take a lot of space, as more sites go to 2 page login.

    Since 2 page logins are becoming very common, seems some solution is needed (maybe there is).

  • fernando

    fernando - 2013-08-13

    entries can be in a folder; collapsed take no more visual space than single entry.
    for the multi page scenario, I have set up users with an entry and an alias to same.
    the entry and alias have differing autotype entries.

  • Brittney Smith

    Brittney Smith - 2013-08-13

    Thanks - I guess you mean a 2nd entry w/ "alias," that autotypes the PW (or what ever. That's using the "two PWS entries for one site" method.

    It'll work BUT you have to spend time creating 2 entries. Guessing PWS will minimize after 1st page entry; then maximize PWS again, to enter 2nd page login. Wondering if there's a way to use current options / key sequences to do 2 page logins, w/o creating 2 PWS entries?

    If not, considering common use of 2 page logins w/ banks, investments, insurance, credit cards, etc., is anything in the works to add some feature to handle 2 pg logins?

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  • James Buckingham

    As I recall, the main problem with two page login is that PWS doesn't know where the focus is on the second page. On sites that I've had to deal with this, I've just had to TAB or SHIFT-TAB as necessary to move focus to the correct field before entering the second login data. This can be irritating on some pages, for instance where the default focus is the browser address field and you have to tab through 40+ links to get to the password field. Then there are the sites that give you a pop-up window you have to enter your login information on, and the there's increased use of Captcha or similar authentication tools...

    Sorry if that's not much help. It's partially an issue of the ongoing security arms race, and partially just limitations on technology (e.g., how data is passed from one application to another.)


  • Brittney Smith

    Brittney Smith - 2013-08-14

    Thanks. For some 2 page login sites, MIGHT use existing commands (like /W2, /t)to make some pages work - depending on how complicated they are.

    DOES ANYONE KNOW how to keep PWS from minimizing - FOR INDIVIDUAL ENTRIES - after autotyping username, on 2 pg logins?

    I created 2 entries for UN & PW. For safety, PWS global setting is minimize after autotype & clear clipboard on minimizing.

    You can UNcheck "minimize after autotype," but there's no "clear clipboard after autotype" option (unless minimize after autotype).

    Even some minimal changes / additions to PWS could make it work "easiER" on many 2 page logins.

  • James Buckingham

    I'm not sure if this would work (can't access to experiment right now), but here's a thought for "clear clipboard after autotype":

    1. Go to Manage Options, and change the shortcut for "Edit >> Clear Clipboard" to something like 9.
    2. Add \9 to the end of your autotype sequence.

    Theoretically that should trigger the Clear Clipboard shortcut.

  • Brittney Smith

    Brittney Smith - 2013-08-14

    Thanks. Hmmm ?! May work, but I'm gonna add a request for enhancements to deal w/ 2 page logins.

  • Brittney Smith

    Brittney Smith - 2013-08-23

    So, looks like "no" on, anyone know how to keep PWS from minimizing after autotype (except globally - unchecking "minimize after autotype").

    But unchecking the global option would stop all entries from minimizing & thus stop PWS from clearing clipboard after autotype - for ALL entries.

    This ties in w/ feature req. I made about improving autotype for 2 page logins.

    One (of many) ways, would be have settings on entry level, that allowed over riding global, so doesn't minimize after the 1st entry for 2 page login (if create 1 for each pg).

    It could be an option on each entry autotype page, or a switch to add to autotype seq. Then wouldn't need to maximize PWS from tray for 2nd pg autotype.

    A global or entry option to "clear clipboard after autotype" (w/o minimizing) would take care of leaving PWs in the clipboard if don't minimize PWS. This is a good idea, Rony. I think "we" should do it. :)

  • Brittney Smith

    Brittney Smith - 2013-08-24

    James B., I THINK method you suggested may work, BUT...could be PWS's "behavior" that's doing it. It may / may not matter, but changing a shortcut for Edit-Clear Clipboard to single character, adding it to autotype string, actually types that character - on NEXT line after say, a return command.

    It types username, returns, then types "\9," (if used that for clear clipboard shortcut). Don't think PWS recognizes commands like that, which aren't defined in PWS as autotype options. If you turn OFF "minimize after autotype (& put the "new" shortcut for clear clipboard, at end of string), PWS GUI still minimizes for 1/4 sec, then opens back up. I think that's what's clearing the clipboard.

  • DrK

    DrK - 2013-08-24

    I don't understand. You rejected my preferred suggestion of using the DragBar due to its using the clipboard. Now you are talking about clearing the clipboard when using AutoType, which doesn't use the clipboard, although a keyboard logger could intercept the keystrokes (AutoType is just a programmable keyboard). Both have weaknesses if you allow unauthorised access to your PC or install rogue programs.

    If you are satisfied that there is no such unauthorised or rogue program is installed then DragBar is the simplest workable solution.

    As to clearing the clipboard on being minimised, that is a option - see top checkbox on the Security tab via Manage->Options.

    Two other points:
    1. There is no way PWS will ever be able to support multiple page logins as Windows does not provide any notification to one application that another has spawned a Window. Until Microsoft provides that (i.e. sometime never), it isn't going to happen.
    2. Shortcut keys to commands are a Windows function. AutoType is just a string of characters to be sent to a control on the Window that has keyboard focus. The only valid Feature Request is to allow AutoType to understand and process shortcuts in this string. However, I can't see it being given much priority since shortcut keys are application and not database specific, whereas AutoType strings are database/entry specific and so the resultant action of a particular AutoType could be different when the database is opened on different PCs.

  • Brittney Smith

    Brittney Smith - 2013-08-30

    I'm kind of sleepy right now, but...

    clearing the clipboard when using AutoType, which doesn't use the clipboard

    I was totally ignorant of the fact that autotype didn't use the clipboard. I should be flogged.

    We're all human. There's really no issue about creating 2 separate entries for 2 page logins AND worrying about clearing clipboard. Nothing to clear!

    But dragging / dropping DOES use clipboard - in PWS & doesn't minimize afterward; clipboard not cleared until manually minimize PWS. Any time you can bypass using clipboard and / or use obfuscation, probably better. For me, another reason to use autotype (in PWS).

    EDIT: Forgot to add (from my feature req. # 711 - BEFORE I knew PWS autotype DOESN'T use clipbd), When dragging the PWS "drag" icons, on some sites (w/ quite large / tall entry fields) like, the tip of cursor arrow must be positioned w/in VERY SMALL tolerance - almost EXACT vertical center of field, or it won't work. Was such a close tolerance, for good while, I thought drag / drop wouldn't work on that site.

    Does drag / drop UN / PW in PWS HAVE to use clipboard? It doesn't use clipbd in some other apps OR in Explorer, for instance.
    Even if, couldn't it clear clipbd immediately after dropping?

    Autotype is provided so users don't ? have to do extra clicking, dragging, slicing, dicing, etc? Technically, one could just store all PWs in an encrypted spread sheet & use only drag / drop. Not as pretty as PWS.

    If malware is present & if at any time a PWS DB is open or autotype's used (since no obfuscation used), if PWs could be captured, that's a problem. Not absolutely sure of ALL vulnerabilities, once a DB is opened. Dragging / dropping using clipboard adds bit of extra risk.

    I just find autotype easier than dragging (though I don't "reject" the method - rather, embrace it - xoxo), but seem to remember a few sites that didn't seem to do well w/ dropping a PW. No clue why. But, main reason is I prefer autotype.

    Since don't want to globally disable "minimize after autotype," for 2 entries for 2 pg logins, either:
    have to live w/ reopening PWS after entering user name;
    or use Keepass for those;
    or you add option per entries, not to minimize after specific entry's autotype.

    Bush the 1st: In summary:
    + Autotype - gooood!
    + Drag N Drop - not as good. Got ta minimize risks.
    + Obfuscation / don't minimize per entry option ... myte "nut" be prudent at this juncture.
    + Clear clipboard after autotype - nut gonna do it - not necessary!
    + 1000 points of light!
    God bless America. :D
    P.S. Sourceforge forums have most convoluted way to embed images I've seen.

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