Core Share - 2005-08-20


I've been surveying several akin programs & this is one I like best. Simple & Straight Forward.

I feel the database format needs some extra fields to improve useability. In particular an URL field would be very useful, since in many cases you are storing the login details for some net interface or other. So perhaps a Primary URL Field and a Secondary one.

Instead of a User-Defined Field, which the Existing Notes works admirably, A separate Field for the Auto-Type command strings would free up the Notes field to be arbitrary text again.

I realise that an arbitrary number of fields may complicate matters, but an extended but fixed format of -


would be a more useful format.

Also, it would be nice if all (any) fields could be copied to the clipboard as right click option on entries. For instance in v2.11, you cannot read-only copy the Comments Field, AFAiK.

Just a couple of minor observations for your optional contemplation.

Keep up the good work. :-)

Thanking you for your attention

Core Share
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