Feature Request: Pasword Expire / Archive

W. Mack
  • W. Mack

    W. Mack - 2005-07-08

    I have just recently found and started using Password Safe, it is a GREAT utility. I had an old password program that I used previously, but it was VERY weak. While it encrypted the Contents, it used a 'common key' some very simple Hex Editing of the data file could 'unlock' the database by setting the password to open it to <Null>.

    I currently maintain a password file of over 280 passwords in about 20 groups for my work, another file with about 50 for my Home Business, and a third file for personal stuff.

    There are 3 requests rolled into this:

    1. I have seen a post requesting the ability to have Password Safe Expire Passwords and notify you to change them. I would like to take that a step further. I would like to be able to set an arbitrary date e.g. MM/DD/YYYY that the password expires or set a time frame (2 Weeks, 3 Months . . .) for the password to expire. Password Safe could then be configured to start notifying me x days prior (by changing the entry color from Green to Yellow), that I need to be thinking about changing my password. After it has expired, The Entry would change from Yellow to Red.

    2. The ability to Archive the last X passwords (some sites will ask you "What was your last password?" and I have even had a couple 'roll back' after I changed my password, due to some database problem or whatever. (Thanks Major National Bank) Still other will not let you reuse a password, being able to keep a history could be a life saver.

    3. The ability to flag a password to be changed would be very cool. For instance, say I access one of my C/C accounts from a public PC (or at least not MY PC) and I am worried that the password may have been compromised. Being able to instantly Flag that Entry for Password Change would be great. (Change the Entry from Green to ORANGE) and remind me when I next open Password Safe. Currently I have to wade through the Notes Field, Re-Title the entry, or move it to a different group. None of these solutions are easy when you have several hundred User / Password combinations all sorted and grouped. After being out of town for a week, you are trying to recall "How many and which accounts did I use?" Ugh!

    Thanks for entertaining these ideas.


    • Mike Evans

      Mike Evans - 2005-08-05

      Actually I just found this in the RFE database. Shouldn't all the "Feature Requests" go there?

    • Mike Evans

      Mike Evans - 2005-08-05

      I agree with the the history. I was going to post my own Feature Request for a password History tracker. Right now I manually do it by putting the "Old Password" in the Notes section of the entry.


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