Dave Griffin - 2014-01-09

While the process does use 1 additional psafe, and 2 passwords, end users (once setup) do not need to know about the second password, that's handled automatically. It's hardly a procedure to 'right click and Run command' to open up the shared password safe and use it exactly as they'd use their own.

If you do need to have some passwords for some users, and some for others, then these can be achieved with additional shared database files - users only have access to the ones they need, and have one entry for each in their own passwordsafe to open it up as required.

If anyone leaves the group - you've got the same issue still of having to change the shared password no matter which method you'd use, or just remove their access to whichever shared area the safes are stored on, but don't get hung up on that, as you really ought to change all the 'shared' passwords held within passwordsafe anyway, not just the master password to any safe. (any passwords shared previously should be considered copied, and just stopping your safe from sharing them any more is not sufficient security)

I have to say I'm in favor of any kind of functionality to simplify the sharing of passwords, however it's not a trivial thing to implement...