Export not exporting actual password

  • stella

    stella - 2013-09-05

    No matter what advanced settings i choose - no export option (prefer plain text) is exporting the actual password, just title and username. V3.29 Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Dave Griffin

    Dave Griffin - 2013-09-06

    While this sounds like it's a bug, it's reminiscent of a feature I was about to request - an option to export entries and specifically suppress the password (and optionally suppress or replace the username) - to enable sharing the configuration of entries between team members...

  • stella

    stella - 2013-09-06

    Any ideas how to fix? Export and install new version? The scary part there is losing all the data - as the export isn't showing any of the passwords???

  • DrK

    DrK - 2013-09-06

    You do not have to export/import to upgrade. A later version of PWS will always be able to read/write a database created by a previous version.

    If you use new features and then go back to a previous version of PWS of the same major version number (e.g. from 3.31 back to 3.27), these will not be visible in the old version but are retained. When you go the later version again - they will still be there.

    Current version is V3.31. I am told that V3.32 is due in the next few weeks.

  • Dave Griffin

    Dave Griffin - 2013-09-06

    Personally no idea how to fix, however I would suspect that if it's only the export that's failing currently, you're not in real trouble... however:

    Take a backup! Exit PasswordSafe, copy the file to another location.
    You are not using the latest version, try upgrading, it may help?
    Using File->Export To->Plain text and not specifying any advanced options, I just got a full output with all fields correct. As I see it you only need the advanced if you want to reduce the output further...

    The export should contain all the settings for an entry, not just the title & username - are you getting the titles & usernames of every entry, or just one?
    Try right clicking on each entry and export it individually, in case it's down to one entry causing a corruption, then check that one entry carefully for special characters - just guessing here, it's what I'd do, I do Tech Support as a job, but not for this software, happy to advice :-)


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