Feature Request: Secure Password Exchange

Tony Piper
  • Tony Piper

    Tony Piper - 2005-02-21

    I have a number of co-workers who use PasswordSafe and want to exchange passwords securely with them.

    What would be involved in building a password exchange mechanism which encrypts the password using a one-time password, exports it as armoured ascii and places it on the clipboard. I could then email this to a co-worker (and tell them the password over the phone) and they could import it back into PS, using the one-time password to decrypt.

    Is this doable? Would other users find it handy?

    I know we could do this with GPG etc, but I'd rather not risk the user getting it wrong. If it were built into PS, I know they'd get it right!



    • Rony Shapiro

      Rony Shapiro - 2005-02-22

      Doable, but not trivial.
      Perhaps a better approach would be to create a database containing all the shared passwords, and mailing this as-is?
      This is the first request for such functionality. If more people ask for it, I'll see what I can do.
      (you might want to enter this as an RFE - request for enhancement - to allow better tracking)


    • Christian

      Christian - 2005-04-04

      I can confirm that this feature would be very much appreciated. Password Safe is a great tool, but when my department (IT) got a request for a password storing and sharing app, my proposal of PS was rejected because we an app was needed that allowed sharing. A PHB decided to rather have this app developed in-house - by some suckup that only knows PHP (and is coding it thusly, going time 6+ weeks).


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