the name

  • Eric J Schwarzenbach

    It would really help if this project had a more specific name, and not something that appears as part of the name of various competitors (i.e. KeePass Password Safe). It's a bit like having a web server project named "Web Server". Web searches for information about your product (for example "KeePass vs Password Safe") are pretty useless as a result. It is a hindrance to getting your product known.

    • fernando

      fernando - 2013-11-19

      From 1990's this (Counterpane) application's name: "Password Safe".
      This open-source application migrated to SourceForge 2002.01,
      aforementioned competitor born 2003.11.
      The application HAD a specific name, until trampled upon by competition.

      • Eric J Schwarzenbach

        Unfortunate as the historical truth may be, the reality of the present is those words chosen for a name have become a generic term for this kind of product. And this product has become less well known than competitors, and it can't afford to cling stubbornly to "I used it first."

  • Dave Griffin

    Dave Griffin - 2013-11-18

    It is annoying for alternative products to always pop up first in searches.

    PWSafe seems to work well for searching though.


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