Feature Request: Field Fill

  • Tony Heeley

    Tony Heeley - 2005-01-26

    I'd like to suggest a feature where if a form is accessed on the web or login details are required that the appropriate data is added to the field.

    This functionality would be similar to RoboFill.

    • aeg2004

      aeg2004 - 2005-02-28

      I would also like to see something like this. It would act like a simple script language like KeyWallet uses.


    • Tony Heeley

      Tony Heeley - 2005-03-02

      I have now used Password Safe a little more and realise that the 'auto type' feature goes some way to achieving my request.

      However, I like the fact that RoboFill is a toolbar that is sensitive to the webpage and a single click populates the necessary data.

      • aeg2004

        aeg2004 - 2005-03-10

        Auto type works fine for most situations, but there are some sites where the username/password are not in consecutive boxes, which will break auto type.

        The one feature of keywallet that I like over PW Safe is that I can drag & drop an entry onto the first input box in a window and it will execute a recorded script, inserting the username and password with the appropriate tabs and other characters required. The script can be written manually or a 'recorder' will generate it. This would be a great enhancement to Password Safe.

        • Rony Shapiro

          Rony Shapiro - 2005-03-10

          Er, the autotype behaviour can be configured per-entry to skip over fields, enter other text, etc. See the "Customizing Auto Type" entry in the online help. Let me know if something's unclear.

          I like the idea of dropping an entry on a field. Perhaps in a future version - thanks!


    • RandyHa11

      RandyHa11 - 2005-03-10

      You can get username/password in non-consecutive boxes by adding an
      "autotype:" directive in the notes section for that account.

      Basically, add as many tabs as you need to get between fields:


      This would enter the username, tab 3 times, enter the password,
      tab 3 times, and type "enter".

      There is a good description of this in the pwsafe help (press F1),
      as well as additional options for autotype.


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