Mark entry inactive?? i.e. hidden

  • Tim Collins

    Tim Collins - 2011-11-17

    Password Safe V3.26

    Filters would be a great solution to this issue, but I don't think I have a
    field available, such as "inactive" (flag) to mark an entry and then filter
    them out.

    The Filters Field drop down has "Unknown Fields" - is there a way for me to
    define/add my own field for this purpose? If no, what are the "unknown

    Alternatively, I could setup an archive DB, but I would much rather keep
    everything in one place and hide those entries I consider inactive.

    Additional info:

    • Check the V3.27 release notes and didn't see anything that would help this.
    • I'd like not to "mis-purpose" another field
    • Adding a string to comments may be another work around, but defining a field would certainly be better.
    • My menu File -> Properties has an attribute "Unknown fields" that says "None".



  • DrK

    DrK - 2011-11-17

    Without a new field, you could set up a filter on, say, "Last Access Time"
    (e.g Rule "Last Access Time" "after" "-30" to exclude all those not accessed
    in the last 30 days) but you must be recording these access times
    (Manage->Options 'Misc' Property Page) - which implies that the database is
    not open R/O.

    Alternatively, put something in the Notes field (e.g. 'Hidden') and do a
    filter to:

    1. Notes field "does not contain" 'Hidden' OR
    2. Notes field "is not present"

    It needs the 2 rules or you will be missing the entries that have no Notes

    If someone added this extra field, then they would need to add a menu item to
    show/hide these entries. The Wizards that do Compare, Export (Text & XML) ,
    Merge & Synchronise would probably need to be updated to allow selection on
    whether to include such hidden entries in their operations.

    I suggest submitting a Feature Request.


  • Tim Collins

    Tim Collins - 2011-11-17

    Thanks David. I hear you about the "perils"/ripple affect of an additional
    field and understand how I may adversely affect my setup if I choose to add
    fields. A few followup questions:

    1) Can users add fields without modifying source code? (If yes, can you
    explain how?)

    2) Related to Q1, what is the "Unknown Fields" of the File -> Properties

  • DrK

    DrK - 2011-11-17
    1. No - new fields can only be added by changing the source code.

    2. PasswordSafe will not change fields that it doesn't understand. For example, allowing the user to specify their own special symbol list for password generation was introduced by V3.26. It and all later versions understand this. However, all previous version have no idea what this field is (it has an field number of 22). So, if you used this field in your database and then you opened the database using V3.25, it would maintain the field but would have no idea how to display it or use it or the format of associated data - so it is put into the "Unknown Fields" category. When you open the database using V3.26 or later, the field will still be there even if you modified that entry with V3.25.

    It is possible to have unknown fields in the database header or in entries.
    This will only happen if you open a database that has these fields with a
    version of PasswordSafe released prior to their introduction.

    I hope that clear.


  • DrK

    DrK - 2011-11-17

    Sorry - I just mentioned the extra work needed with the introduction of this
    field. I did not say a developer wouldn't implement this new field. Add a
    Feature Request - you never know your luck!


  • Tim Collins

    Tim Collins - 2011-11-17

    Thanks for the excellent explanation and satisfying my curiosity - all is very
    clear and makes sense perfect sense.

    I'll add the feature request.


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