Austin - 2013-03-20

Recently built 0.9 (beta) from source on 64-bit Debian Squeeze. On the whole it's working well (my thanks to all who have worked on it!); the data corruption issues from 0.7 seem to have gone. Here are a few minor niggles, in descending order of annoyingness.

  1. The tree does not have keyboard focus initially, you have to select a node with the mouse first.
  2. It would be great to be able to set a global 'alternative browser', rather than having to edit every entry to insert '[alt]'.
  3. Unless 'minimize after auto-type' option is set, auto-type doesn't work at all. Also, it actually minimizes BEFORE the auto-type happens, not that it matters.
  4. Despite the options setting, it doesn't initially display the tree in the expansion state from the previous run.
  5. Help now works, but the index still has no entries.
  6. The source builds a Debian package labeled 0.8 not 0.9.
  7. The 'visit Password Safe website' entry on the Help menu does nothing, though the link on the 'About' window does work (again, with the 'wrong' browser).