Daniel Nelson - 2013-08-01

In PasswordSafe 3.29 and 3.31, when I begin typing the first couple of letters of the entry I wish to select, PasswordSafe highlights (selects) two entries simultaneously. When I type "gp" to goto my first GPG entry, I see that my GPG entry is indeed selected, but also selected is the first entry in the "g" section, which is Galco Leather Gun Holsters. I kept getting GPG errors in my email software when I Ctrl+C (copied) and then pasted the selected GPG entry. After nearly beating my self to death with face-palms, I scrolled up the list and THEN noticed that Galco was ALSO selected, and Ctrl+C was copying Galco's password instead of the visible and [also] selected GPG's password.

This did not happen in PasswordSafe v3.23. I hope this can be fixed in the next release. Only one entry should be highlighted / selected when typing successive letters of a specific entry. Thank you in advance.