Feature Request: multi-user (simple)

  • dr_gaston

    dr_gaston - 2005-05-30

    I'm using Password Safe on multiple computers, and my wife also needs access to it from her computer. Right now we're manually copying the password files back and forth between all of these computers, which is cumbersome to say the least.

    Hence this suggestion for a simple change that could ease all this pain and fillful our needs:

    We could store the password file on a network drive, ftp-drive or any other file-sharing mechanism. But then, the way Password Safe is coded right now, the first user has write access and the other accesses are all read-only - not good if you're the second one logging in and needs to add/modify an entry.

    So the idea is the following: Password Safe should always open the password file in read-only mode, and when a add/modify action takes place re-open the file in write mode, read the file again (in case any changes happened in between), add/modify the entry, save the file again, and finally re-open it in read-only mode. Seems this would nicely fit the bill, allowing all to use the same password file for read and write operations without any conflicts.

    As another nicety, one could also include a refresh button in the Password Safe interface that would re-read the file from the shared resource in order to refresh the display with the latest changes. This would replace the manual close/re-open of the application needed in the above scenario.

    All of these modifications seem pretty trivial, for the added benefit of bringing Password Safe to a new level of functionality as a truly multi-user, multi-location application.


    • dr_gaston

      dr_gaston - 2005-06-17

      Actually I've since researched other passwords managers and ended-up with Password Manager XP (http://CP-Lab.com). I've bought a 2 users license and it has all the features I was looking for. Too bad I could not stick with Open Source on this one, but I really needed this simple feature. PM XP is so great I'm not gonna turn back to Password Safe now.

    • K. M. Peterson

      K. M. Peterson - 2005-06-10

      Actually, how about this...

      I've been looking at the same issue. I think you'd be trying to prevent a fairly infrequent occurrence, so another change might be:

      When Password Safe is minimized or the window is closed, currently the file may or may not be saved depending on the preferences. I'd suggest that if the code simply closed the file entirely at this point. So, for example, I'm running with all of the "Lock password database..." options as well as the "Save database immediately after Edit or Add" option... since I minimize the app (or it locks itself after a short while), if it were to actually close itself, then anyone starting the application up in the meantime would have write access but then likely lose it fairly quickly.

      The way it's written now, whomever starts it first keeps write access until they close the program explicitly. Making it easier to relinquish write access would solve the problems I forsee in our environment (I'm about to roll it out for testing). It seems to me that it's too easy to lock the thing at this point - it should take explicit action from the user to keep a lock.

      (I know that this is a perspective from using the database on a share among several people - not necessarily the intended use - but that would seem to be the "next frontier"). And maybe this is a bit simpler to implement?


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