Pwsafe database folder problem

  • Graeme Evans

    Graeme Evans - 2016-10-02

    I have been experiencing problems with Password Safe 3.40 on Windows 10. This is on a laptop to which I have made a new installation of Pwsafe & copied a database from my desktop PC (also running Windows 10)

    When I open PWsafe I get a screen saying that the program is locked by "Access denied", & the "Read only or Read/Write" dialogue. If I try to store a new entry it will not allow me to save, saying that I do not have permission to write to the database folder. This, BTW, is a folder within Documents. (eg. C:\Users\"myusername"\Documents\Passwords\"database filename")

    After spending a lot of time fiddling with folder permissions etc., & getting nowhere, I discovered that the problem seemed to be because the path to the database folder was too long.

    By storing the database & backup files etc. in a new folder under C:\Users\Myusename\ everything seemed to work normally. This seemed to be because the path was significantly shorter. I noted that because of the different HD setup on my desktop PC, the database folder location there is a much shorter path.

    I have tried searching for information about a pathname limitation for the database folder in Pwsafe without success.

    My questions are: Is there a path limitation, or is there a problem with my laptop's Windows 10 installation, & its interraction with Pwsafe?

    No other software seems to be causing problems.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.



  • MrMe

    MrMe - 2016-10-02

    I also use v3.40 on windows 10. I also have the database under C:\Users\"myusername"\Documents\My Safes\"database filename" and have not see the problem you mentioned.

    My install is a "greeen" install if that helps. If yours is not, you maybe can try uninstalling and reinstalling as a green install.


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