LinuxGuy2k4 - 2006-07-05

Here are some bug fixes and a recommendation.

Bug Fixes
1. When you create an entry in a group with a dot in the name, as soon as you save the entry it makes the part of the group name after the dot a subgroup of the part of the group name before the dot.

For example, if you have a group name called and you create an entry, as soon as you save the entry, it breaks up the group into 2 groups separated by the dots.

Before creating entry:

After creating entry:
---> .com
----> New Entry

  1. There should be 2 ways to sort the entries in
    the options dialog.
    a. You have groups listed first sorted
    alphabetically then the entries sorted
    b. Alphabetical with both groups and entries
    mixed together.

Currently it seems that it sorts the entries
and groups using method b.

Currently it will sort like this: (Entry)
Gmail (Entry)
Internet (Group)
Misc (Group)
Yahoo (Entry)

but you should be able to sort like this using method a:

Internet (Group)
Misc (Group) (Entry)
Gmail (Entry)
Yahoo (Entry)

1. There really should be a shortcut to create a new group. Right clicking the main window selects an item and you have to choose Add group from the menu.

If someone can tell me what you need to compile the source, maybe I can try and work on these things myself.