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Add Group does not work for me

  • Philip Anderson

    Philip Anderson - 2011-07-05

    I have two groups and want to add a third. v3.26. It isdifficult to unselect
    the existing groups. No matter what I do, the new group is added UNDER the
    first group, even when neither of the two groups is selected. I want a first
    level group, not a nested one. The only way I have figured out how to add the
    third group at the top level is to copy one of the top level groups, delete
    all the elements (but NOT the first as the group disappears) , and finally
    rename the group and then edit the last element (by changing its name and
    properties, which become the first elment of the group I wanted to add).Is
    there another way in 3.26?

  • Rony Shapiro

    Rony Shapiro - 2011-07-06


    I need to investigate this, but here's a simple workaround:

    To create a new group, at whatever level, just type in the new group name in
    the Group field in the new entry's dialog box. For example, typing "TopLevel2"
    in the group field will automatically create the group "TopLevel2", and put
    the entry under it.

    Likewise, "Toplevel3.sublevel2,subsublevel1" as a Group will create a new
    toplevel group, along with two nested subgroups.


  • DrK

    DrK - 2011-07-06

    The rules for adding groups are:

    1. To add a group in the root (i.e. a top level group), ensure the Tree View has some white space below any current groups and right-click there and select "Add Group" to add the new group.

    e.g. you have groups A1 and B1, you can then add group C1.

    1. To Add a subgroup of an existing group, select that group and then either right-click on it or use the menu Edit->Add Group and add the new group.

    e.g. you have groups A1 and B1, you select group B1 and can then add group B2
    which becomes B1.B2.

    Finally, as Rony has indicated, when you Add or Edit an entry, you can type in
    whatever group structure you wish in the Group field and that structure will
    be created.

    e.g. you have entry 'a' in group 'A1'. You Edit it and replace the Group field
    with 'Z1.Z2.Z3' and save it then it will be changed to appear in that nested

    Note: as has been mentioned many times, Groups do not exist in their own right
    and they are not saved in the database but are generated when the database is
    read in using the values saved in the group field of the entries. It is an aid
    for viewing in the Tree View. If you save a database with empty groups, they
    will not be saved and so will disappear from view.


  • DrK

    DrK - 2011-07-06

    I forgot one other easy option.

    Password Safe supports Drag & Drop. So if you create a group in the wrong
    place e.g. you created 'a1.a2.z1' when you wanted group z1 to be in the root,
    just select it with the left mouse button and then drag to the white space
    below the last entry visible of the tree.

    Note: if there is no white space visible below the last entry shown, you may
    have to increase the height of the window and/or collapse other groups.

    You can drag whole groups to anywhere in the tree structure and also just drag
    a single entry.


  • Anonymous - 2011-12-23

    I'm having issues as well. Create a new group, which gets created inside of an
    existing group, move group to top level. Then create a new group and move than
    into previously made group. Both then disappear, scary. The drag and drop &
    group creation seems to need a lot of work.

  • DrK

    DrK - 2011-12-23

    Not scary when you remember that "groups" do not actually exist in their own
    right. They are a particular field in an entry that helps when displaying the
    entries in a Tree view (they are just another field in the List view - use the
    View menu to switch between the different views).

    The group tree view is created when entries are read in from the database. If
    you save a database with empty groups they will be deleted because no entry
    has a "group" field with that value in it.

    IMHO, there really is no need to create groups by themselves. Once you have at
    least one entry in a group (by creating it, editing an existing one or
    dragging and dropping entries), it will always be displayed in the Tree view.

    There is also no need to create a group in an existing group only to move it
    to the root (top level). As I explained before above: To add a group in the
    root (i.e. a top level group), ensure the Tree View has some white space
    below any current groups and right-click there
    and select "Add Group" to add
    the new group. e.g. you have groups A1 and B1, you can then add group C1.


  • Valkenier

    Valkenier - 2012-07-26

    I also have an issue with new groups.

    Method "right click in white space-add new group" creates a new group, like I

    Method "select create new group" from menu always creates a new group within
    an existing group. Not what I want.

    Anyway created, the new group is called "new group" and the field invites me
    to change the name. If I do so, the group disappears.

    The only way I can create a new groupis:

    Use the rightclick method to create a new group. Do not rename it. But first I
    have to add an entry into it. Then I can go back and change the name of this

    In short I see two issues:

    1) method create group from menu does not work as expected. My expectation is
    that it would create a new group in the root.

    2) When creating a new group I would expect that I can first give it a name.
    And add entries later. And with later I don't mean the next day, but after I
    finished creating and naming the group.


  • Valkenier

    Valkenier - 2012-07-26

    Oh, by the way, I am using version 3.28 (4783)

  • Anonymous - 2013-07-17

    Thanks for sharing !!!


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