Using Windows 7 Passwords Safe crashes (it closes without warning)

  • Andrew

    Andrew - 2014-05-25

    I find that the Passwords Safe application closes without warning. I have installed it as a disk-on-key installation (without registry modifications). Is using it on a flash drive not recommended? I will be checking an email account and forget that the Passwords Safe is open. Then it will close. I have the safe file and the application both on a flash drive. The flash drive is new. I have tried two different flash drives. I don't want to have to reopen it several times when I am using it for one hour. I have to type in the safe combination each time I open it.

    Last edit: Andrew 2014-05-25
  • Rony Shapiro

    Rony Shapiro - 2014-05-25

    Very odd. What version of PasswordSafe are your running? Does PasswordSafe generate a 'minidump' file when it crashes? If so, please create a bug report at and attach the file there.

  • Bruce Burson

    Bruce Burson - 2014-05-27

    Look under Manage>Options on the Security tab. I'll bet you've got "Lock password database after..." and "Lock password database on minimize..." checked, and it's not crashing at all but merely going to sleep as expected.

    Last edit: Bruce Burson 2014-05-27

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