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  • user7

    user7 - 2007-09-03

    It will be very helpful, if an option to specify the browser to open the url. Currently only alternate browser selection is possible.
    Most people are having Internet explorer as their default browser. But we would like to access the sites like online banking using a more secure browser like Firefox or Netscape. So it will be very helpful.
    Currently only one password manager features this option (

    • DrK

      DrK - 2007-09-04

      Sorry but I thought this was already implemented?

      If you specify the url as: [alt]
      then the alternate browser (Menu -> Manage -> Misc) will be invoked for that url.

      You could set the alternate browser to be Firefox here e.g.
      "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\Firefox.exe" and it would be used to open this URL and any other URLs with the [alt] string. The default browser would be used for all those without this string.


      • Ork Gandalf

        Ork Gandalf - 2007-09-04

        Hi, that hint is wonderful. I didn't know it was right there ready to be used. Just tried and it works wonderfully.
        Thanks much.

    • user7

      user7 - 2007-09-04

      It works.
      Thank you very much, DrK.

  • Joe

    Joe - 2014-06-11

    Fellows, this is not what user7 was requesting. user7 was even referring to that option "Currently only alternate browser selection is possible."
    But then user7 forgot it as you can see in the last comment ;)

    I think what was intended was something like using "[firexox]URL", "[IE]URL", "[chrome]URL" instead as it is today only "URL" and "[alt]URL".
    At least, that's what I like to have ;)

    Last edit: Joe 2014-06-11

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