Move Password Safe to new computer

Tom Kester
  • Tom  Kester

    Tom Kester - 2012-10-02

    How do I move my current Password Safe and 68 passwords to a new computer

  • LooseCannon

    LooseCannon - 2012-10-11

    Two items to deal with.
    1. Install the program, PasswordSafe, onto the new computer and
    2. Enable that newly installed program access to your existed PasswordSafe file/safe/database.

    Regarding point 2, the is simplly getting to the database. The database is a file, probably with a suffex '.pafe3' or a backup thereof, with a suffix '.ibak' or '.bak'. When you load PasswordSafe on our old, existing computer, the path to the files you've opened previously should be in the Open Password Database box. Check the '...' search button for more...

    Either copy the file/database from the old to new computers, use a memory stick, network the computers, use a 'NAS' or use something like Dropbox, MA Skydrive or Google Drive to have your files available on all your PC's etc.


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