Collaborative Passwords

  • rougneeg

    rougneeg - 2013-09-08

    I have recently discovered an interesting and seemingly very useful alternative to PasswordSafe. Rather than simply saving passwords, it generates them on the fly when ever they are needed. Basically, each user has a master password. A password can be generated from the master password and an account name. A very simple idea that has a surprising benefit: it makes it possible for partners to share the same accounts without actually sharing the passwords. To do so, they only need to create and share a new master password. Imagine two people are in business together, and one needs to open a new account while the other is traveling. The one would open the account and then give the account name that was used when generating the password to the partner, and now the partner can generate the exact same password and access the account. This is nice because the alternative would be to share the password by encrypted email or by phone. Most people do not have encrypted email, and sharing long passwords by phone is difficult and error prone.

    The idea is embodied in a program written by Ken and Kale Kundert that is available on GitHub ( It seems like a very nice little program, but it is Linux only and command-line only. I bet it would not be difficult to add this approach to PasswordSafe as an alternative to saving the passwords.

    I think that would be extremely useful to everyone that needs to share passwords with someone else.


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  • Rony Shapiro

    Rony Shapiro - 2013-09-08

    Interesting, and definitely worth looking into, once the forthcoming release (3.32) is out. Thanks.


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