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  • bigsky

    bigsky - 2006-06-23

    HI all. First off, I want to thank everyone that works on PasswordSafe. It is a great program. I believe that I have been using it since version 2.0 when I found a link to it on Bruce Schneier's web page and have never had any problem. I like all the added features of version 3 as well.

    I am using version 3.01, and for the first time ever my database has somehow become corrupted (I can't open the database). I don't exactly how it happened. I believe the database might have been locked, and I exited the program from the system tray. I don't know for sure if I had made changes to the database before exiting. I don't have "save database immediately after modifications" checked.

    Has anyone else had this sort of problem with version 3.01?

    Fortunately, I do have a backup so nothing was really lost.


    • Rony Shapiro

      Rony Shapiro - 2006-07-04

      I think I've fixed this - please see for a pre-release fix and workaround.

      • NetherTime

        NetherTime - 2006-07-04

        Rony - During testing should we have the Maintain Last Access Times option turned ON? I ask only, because you mentioned having it turned OFF as a work around without the fix.

        Any other notes to us who may test the pre-3.02 fix?

        • Rony Shapiro

          Rony Shapiro - 2006-07-04

          Good point - sorry I wasn't clear enough:

          • According to my analysis, the bug occurs when the database is exited from a locked state after an access time has been updated.

          • Therefore, a workaround in the 3.01 version would be to disable access time tracking, as I've described in the bug report.

          • 3.02-pre is supposed to prevent corruption both with and without access time tracking.


          • NetherTime

            NetherTime - 2006-07-07


            Version pre-3.02 didn't fix least not while using MS Windows 2000 Pro version 5.0.2195 SP4 and having . I am experiencing this issue when the pwsafe enters the locked state and I try to restore it using my password. It has been pretty consistant today.
            The error message continues to be the same: Incorrect passkey, not a Passwordsafe database, or a corrupt database. [backup database has same name as original, ending with '~'].

            Keep in mind that I am not exiting the appication while it is in a "locked" state, but trying to restore it to an "opened/active" state.

    • exigence

      exigence - 2006-07-14

      Neither the posted pre-3.2 workaround nor the manual workaround is doing the trick for me - same problem as Nethertime, apparently.

      None of the four files (the original and backup db, along with my own nightly scripted backup original and its backup) are working.

    • Jumpin' Joe

      Jumpin' Joe - 2006-06-28

      Yeah..I found there is a problem. If you "Lock Password database after x minutes idle", click on the icon to bring it up, it asks you for the password. If you click on "exit" (if I recall correctly), it will wipe out your current version of the data file.

      I simply restored the backup version and disabled the automatic lock.

    • Core Share

      Core Share - 2006-06-30


      I can also confirm the behaviour of the database being reported as corrupted, though I not clear of the circumstances why.

      There have been numerous heart stopping moments with v3.01. Such behaviour never manifested with v2.x releases.

      Needless to say I am doing regular manual backups.

    • Rony Shapiro

      Rony Shapiro - 2006-07-01


      This kind of problem is top-priority for me. Unfortunately, I can't reproduce it on my machine based on the descriptions on this thread.

      The best way to help me fix this is by creating a toy database with the specific options you're using, and submitting it along with a step-by-step description of how to recreate the problem in a bug report.



    • NetherTime

      NetherTime - 2006-07-03


      I have experienced corrupt databases as well. Most of the time the database has became corrupt and its size has been reduced from say 66KB to 1KB, however, a copy of the database at 66KB with the symbol "~" exists and all I need to do is open it with pwsafe.exe.

      It seems that pwsafe.exe 3.01, upon lock and/or exit, doesn't clean itself up very well.

      I have learned to frequently backup the database.

    • bigsky

      bigsky - 2006-07-03

      Hi all.

      I have been on vacation, so I have not had time to try and recreate the problem. Sorry Rony. I will though.

      My corrupted database also shrank like Nethertime's from 77KB to 1KB.

      Thanks all especially to all the developers working to improve and troubleshoot PWS.


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