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Is there a portable version for PortableApps?

  • bigsky

    bigsky - 2007-04-19

    Hi. Love the product.

    On several of my flash drives instead of U3 I have PortableApps Suite. Is there a version of Passwordsafe that would work with PortableApps Suite? Just wondering. Thanks.

    • Michael Boman

      Michael Boman - 2007-04-20

      I just copied the file from my desktop installation and put them on my USB device. Works fine so far.

      Best regards
      Michael Boman

      IT Security Researcher & Developer |

    • Glauber Ribeiro

      Glauber Ribeiro - 2007-04-20

      This is probably related: when i installed the latest version of Password Safe, it asked if i wanted to do a "green" install, which would be appropriate for USB devices.

    • Aaron Perrault

      Aaron Perrault - 2007-04-22

      Question on installing the "green" version of Password Safe. Should i point the installer to my USB drive, and then copy my Database over to the USB drive, or should i install it to my laptop, and then copy the executable and database to my USB drive.

      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



    • Glauber Ribeiro

      Glauber Ribeiro - 2007-04-24

      Either way, should be the same, app, but i found out that as it is, PasswordSafe doesn't qualify as a portable application, because it saves its settings (in XML format) per machine, per user. So if i use it in another computer, it will create a new configuration, specific for that machine. I'm suspecting it's still using the registration too, because i don't see all the settings that i changed being reflected in the XML file.

      • Rony Shapiro

        Rony Shapiro - 2007-04-24


        The per-user per-machine settings are necessary, since the application stores, among other things, the location/size of the main window, which might be off-screen for a lower resolution machine. I don't think this disqualifies PasswordSafe as a portable app, since the settings are persistent for a given machine/user.

        As to settings that are not in the XML file, these are security-related settings, and as such are stored in the database, so that they cannot be modified without knowing the master password. Of course, these are portable if the database is also on the Disk on Key. (The list of settings, along with what's stored where, is in an appendix in the last version (3.07) of the online help)


    • Glauber Ribeiro

      Glauber Ribeiro - 2007-04-24

      Thanks, Rony, this was very helpful to hear, and it makes sense that those other settings are in the database. I would like to be able to specify the location of the database relative to the application instead of using an absolute path name, since the drive letter for the usb drive may change from server to server or even between uses on the same server.

      • Aaron Perrault

        Aaron Perrault - 2007-04-24

        I guess the way i get around this, personally, is i have created a TrueCrypt partition, and i can mount it as the same drive letter every time.

        My 2 cents worth.

        Great application by the way. Thanks for all the great work. Now to work on creating a batch that will synchronize my USB copy of the DB with the one everyone else uses on the network.

        A scripting i will go!!!


      • fernando

        fernando - 2007-04-25

        Pass the path of the database as a parameter.
        Maybe in a .CMD or .BAT file or if you use some launcher programme.
        start PortableApps\Pwsafe\pwsafe.exe PortableApps\Pwsafe\database.psafe3

    • Glauber Ribeiro

      Glauber Ribeiro - 2007-04-25

      Synctoy is ok, but i've found Syncback to work a lot better:

      One more note about Password safe re: portability: the Password Safe executable compresses well with UPX.

      I guess it should be possible to create a Nullsoft launcher for Password Safe that would specify the location of the database, so it would work like the other apps in the "Portable Apps" suite. One day maybe i'll get to it, or someone else will. For now, it's working well enough for me as is (green install, running from the USB stick with database on the USB stick).

      I use TrueCrypt to encrypt all my USB sticks. The unencrypted portions contain only the Truecrypt executables (which also compress well with UPX, btw) and the files that go with them.

  • kippr

    kippr - 2014-07-04

    As of 2014? I made a new thread but I can't find.


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