Feature Request: special keystrokes autotype

  • MacManRox

    MacManRox - 2006-05-17

    For some applications it would be usefull to send special keystrokes like function keys via the autotype routine.
    This could be done by defining something like an escape char followed by the keycode (115 for CTRL+s ? for example). Or defining a list of special keys like {F2} for typing F2 ...

    Another nice thing would be the combinig of autotyping with URLs. ( Starting an URL an then autotyping the username tab password tab Enter )


    • bill

      bill - 2006-08-28

      I've run into a slightly different problem. There is a web site I can not use autotype in. The first field is the user name, but when focus goes back to the browser it jumps to the password. So I have to copy/paste each field. If there was a backtab sequence I could autotype this login.

    • Lostclown

      Lostclown - 2006-08-27

      I second that request.

      It would allow me to browse to webpage from Password Safe and then auto type my username and password even though the username field did not have the focus when the page is opened.

      How I see this workin is as follows.
      - Make the autotype generate a Ctrl-F keypress
      - Autotype a text or label right before the input field
      - Autotype tab to go to the input field.

      And there would be no need to click on the username field before initiating the auto type function.

      • Lostclown

        Lostclown - 2006-08-27

        This implies using the find functionality of the browser to locate the correct input field. And I would of course make the auto type generate a enter keypress after typing in the text/label into the find input field.


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