Modifying records in read-only mode

  • asop


    Version : Password Safe 3.02

    Query :

    When I open the database in read-only mode, I find that I cannot add new entries, which is as expected. However if I go to an existing entry, then I can make changes to the "Notes" field. Aside from making the database itself a read-only file, is there any way I can change the settings in password safe so that when I open the file in read only mode, then changes cannot be made to the "Notes" field. [p.s. Note also that in a similar way I can also make changes to password field]

    Many thanks

    • Mariappan

      Hi! Hope you can make some changes to password safe. I open password safe in read only mode so I can avoid accidental deletion and changes. But now password safe is only disallowing addition of new records in read only mode. Please make read only mode un-editable so we can avoid accidental loss of data.

      Thank you.