Password Safe autotype skipping characters

  • Brittney Smith

    Brittney Smith - 2014-03-28

    I read many bug reports & posts about various autotype problems. I gather there's sometimes a problem w/ autotype skipping some characters?

    If it's skipping entering letters or entire last part of name / PW, is the general suggestion to play w/ increasing delay between characters, no matter how fast the computer is?

    Help file on latest v3.33 says, "you may want to decrease it (make it faster) if you've a fast PC...."
    I have a fairly fast system, always plenty of RAM & CPU resources, but it still occasionally skips or mistypes characters; both in user name & PW, AFAIK.
    Sometimes skipping the last part of user name or PW, but not often.

    I haven't found a link between when it mistypes or skips & any other computer activity. Not that there couldn't be some link. PWS does seem to type in characters very fast w/ delay = 10 ms.

  • Dave Griffin

    Dave Griffin - 2014-03-31

    I'd say it may depend on the network speed to the system you're logging into... no matter how fast your own pc is, network and upstream may well be slower.
    I would increase (make it slower) if it sometimes misses characters... though to be honest, I've only ever noticed the speed an issue where I'm trying to be clever with starting up a cygwin shell and getting it to ssh to a remote host - and the delay there is ssh starting up and connecting before it gets to the password prompt.


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